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We are going to have a great year together! My name is Rachel Slivnick, and I have been teaching for 9 years.  I can’t believe it, but time flies when you love your job.  I have taught upper elementary, middle school, and kindergarten in Baltimore and Denver. This year I moved back to Salt Lake City: my hometown! My husband is also a teacher, and we are definitely done moving. I am so lucky to have found a new home here at Washington Elementary, which is an incredible community. 

When we aren’t teaching, talking about teaching, or reading about teaching (occupational hazard of marrying a fellow educator), my husband and I like to cook together, get outside, and hang out with our very pretty and good dog, Lola. We travel a lot: last year, we took a year off from teaching and went around the world: 25 countries and two very heavy backpacks. We recently got a truck camper to keep our travels a little closer to home. We love exploring Utah and other beautiful places in the West. 

In my classroom, I am passionate about joy: I believe in play, exploration, and that school should be exciting and fun. I prioritize movement, arts integration, hands-on activities, and social-emotional learning. It should always feel just a little crazy in a kindergarten classroom, and that's okay! It is important to me that we used diverse, inclusive materials in our classroom so that all students feel represented and welcome. We are going to have so much fun in kindergarten! My goal is that your child not only learns a lot, but loves learning.

I know that a successful school year is the result of a great partnership between teachers, kids, and families. Frequent and positive communication with my families is necessary for a great school year. Please send me notes, emails, and request meetings! My door is always open. We are a team! 

Kindergarten is such a magical time, and I feel so lucky to share this year with you and your family.

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