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Clay Petersen, the illegitimate child of Albert Einstein and Abraham Lincoln, came into the world with humble beginnings. His childhood in Taylorsville, Utah was scarred with strife and turmoil as many of the gangs in the area sought him out for his bo staff and board gaming skills. During his teenage years, Mr. Petersen took his Brazilian waffle making to new heights, incorporating the saxophone and slide whistle to coffee houses all along the Idahoan Riviera, also known as Potato Creek. Petersen continues his musical pursuits posing as a music teacher from time to time at various schools. Petersen loves fermenting vegetables and fruits, running, and his favorite color is green. 


We realize that many of you do not have your instruments at home. You can still continue to grow as a musician. Visit the Music Team website here – . We will continue to update that page so keep checking back every week. If you’ve done the work on the website and you want more music help, contact me at Check out my office hours below.  


Monday – Friday 7:00 am – 8:00 am 

Email me anytime at 

Here’s the link to the Music Team’s Website -  

Please don’t hesitate to reach out!  


Dr. Petersen 

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