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Hello and welcome! I am so excited to be the full-time counselor at Washington Elementary, and for the opportunity to work with your children. Thank you for taking this opportunity to get to know me better. I have been working in the education system for a combined total of 13 years. The past 6 have been in the Salt Lake district.  I have a Master's degree in Social Work, a School Social Work certificate, and am licensed as an  LCSW.

I love the combination of travel and service and have been all over the world fulfilling this passion. From assisting in medical clinics and land development in Zambia, Africa, to teaching hygiene, CPR, and first aid in the mountain villages of Haiti. I have chiseled and laid cement on new homes for typhoon survivors in the Philippines and participated in various orphanage projects in Mexico. There is something indescribably beautiful and peaceful about putting differences aside and truly connecting with another human being. Whether sitting in huts, hostels, or right in the dirt, laughing over a hot pot of masa, grieving with a family who has lost everything they own to the will of nature, or just quietly holding a small child, I love and cherish these moments of true a fair amount of hiking. I don't necessarily enjoy burning thighs, sweat, and not being able to breath, but I love the beauty of this world and the feeling of overcoming discomfort and difficulty to ultimately reach the beautiful waterfall or sunset at the end. Among other lessons, hiking has taught me that if I want to experience and be part of all this life has to offer, I have to be willing to keep going even when things get challenging. No matter how slowly I'm moving or how many breaks I need, I have learned that if I keep putting one foot in front of the other, I will make it! Failure is only when I stop trying, because in that moment I have eliminated any possibility of ever reaching my destination. 

I enjoy exercising, performing arts, reading, cooking and eating, camping, outdoor concerts, and spending time with my family and friends. 

There are so many things I love about life, including the moments I get with your children. My time at school is spent teaching social skills, linking families with resources such as medical, dental, and mental health, promoting good attendance, and addressing behaviors and concerns in a positive, supportive way. This is done through working with individual students as needed, facilitating small groups designed to address specific needs in a smaller setting,  and classroom presentations designed to build and support strong character within each of our students. It is truly my pleasure to be the school counselor here. Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to work with your children.  Please feel free to stop in and introduce yourself or say hello any time. I am in room 1205, and here Monday-Friday 8:30-3:00.

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